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Here we are creating a reordering rule and trouble shooting in odoo purchase. Suppose you have a product which has high demand on market and you need to keep that not being out of stock. For that this reordering rule will help. To create a reordering rule goto the Purchase app and click on the products and open a product where you want to apply the reordering rule.




On the top you can see an option reordering rule click on that and it will redirect you to reordering rule creation page and click on create and create reordering rule by filling the relevant fields.






After that save it. And go back to the product and click on edit and on the purchase you need to provide the vendor details. And save it.







And now to trigger the reordering rule go back to the products reordering rule there you can see run scheduler click on that.







Now you need to go back to the purchase quotation and confirm your order.







Now on the products the on hand units or quantity will be updated to the quantity that you provided in the reordering rule.






This is how a reordering rule is set.


While talking about the trouble shooting, for your reordering rule to work properly your products need to be configured properly. If you are using buy route you need a vendor on the product, else it inform you there is an issue with configuration.




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