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Dropshipping is the method followed by stores where they doesn’t stock the products to be sold. The products are purchased from supplier and shipped directly to customer.


Activate Dropship Feature


For Dropship feature to work, you need to install Sales, Inventory and Purchases module. To activate dropship feature, you need to go to Inventory ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Warehouse and select Multi-step Routes and Multi-Warehouses checkbox.






Then go to Purchases ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and enable Dropshipping.





Another option Dropshipping has been made in Inventory tab. You can tick the Dropshipping when selecting a product. You need to characterize to which merchant you will purchase the item. The products will be dropshipped automatically when the product is sold.





When clicking on Dropship from Routes, it will automatically direct the product from vendor to customer as mentioned in Route.





An action ‘Buy’ is performed by route dropship, which directs the product from vendor to customer directly. You can also add vendors in Purchase tab. Next you should create a quotation for product.





When sale order is created and confirmed, only ‘customer preview’ tab will be visible. Delivery tab is not visible because through dropshipping, it is not related with warehouse. The product is transferred to customer directly. In purchase module, a purchase RFQ is generated.





When confirming and validating RFQ, you can see the vendor details and customer location is ‘Partner Location/Customers’ and Operation type is Dropship.





Click on Print ‣ Picking Operation and you can see the dropship details.






After confirming purchase order, you can see delivery tab is visible in sales module.






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