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Call for Tender helps us to request offers from multiple vendors and pick the most suitable price Tender. With the help of this you can go through multiple tenders. We have to configure the tender for this in Purchase Module. we have Configurations, in that we have Settings.


Purchase ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings



Then select the Purchase Agreements option and then select Call for Tender from the dropdown menu.





Here we can add the required details to complete the Call for Tender Purchase order. After submitting the details and confirming it, odoo will automatically move the status to confirmed from draft. And a new RFQs/Orders will be seen in the top right corner.





In the RFQs/Orders button various RFQs and orders linked to the call of tender can be seen. There we can select and confirm the best offer. Once you have completed, we should close the Call for Tender. This is how, we can manage Call for Tenders.


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