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Channels are used for discussions between teams, departments or other group that needs communication. Everyone in the team or department can be kept in a loop and update with latest developments using channels. There are two types of channels Public Channel and Private Channel.

Public Channel is visible to everyone and Private Channel can be seen only to invited users.


Configuration Options


The configuration can be done by clicking on settings icon on sidebar. Channel’s name, description, privacy and email can be configured here.





You can control the access to the channel by changing Who can follow the group’s activities?. If Everyone is selected, all of them are allowed to follow a private channel, other users can view and join it like a public one. All persons can view channel messages. If Invited people only is selected, Members can be added in Members  tab or by clicking on Invite in discuss main page. Only invited persons can view channel messages.





If you select Selected groups of users, a group of users can be allowed in list. Also an extra field appears to fill information of group, likewise the users of group can view channel messages. The Auto Subscribe Groups option adds members as followers automatically. The users are added as members in Auto Subscribe Groups until they are part of group. The Authorized Groups option allows only specific users to access the channel.


Use a channel as a mailing list


The channel behaves as a mailing list if Send messages by email option is chosen. If this option is enabled, the moderate tab appears, which means the messages will only be sent after approval. The moderators can be added under Moderation tab. You can chose Automatic notification if you want them to receive any notification. If you would like to send instructions for newcomers, you can mark Send guidelines to new subscribers.


The feature for moderators are, they can Accept, Reject, Discard, Always Allow, Ban messages. When the channel is moderated, the Ban List menu appears in your channel. You can add the email addresses in Ban List, which need to be banned from sending messages.


Quick Search Bar


The Quick search bar appears, when at least 20 channels, direct message and live chat conversations are pinned to the sidebar. Using quick search bar, you can easily find conversations.





Finding channels


If you click on channels on sidebar, you can browse through the public channels. You can join or leave the channels from the screen. Custom filters can be added as criteria and can save for later.





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