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Buying goods from a supplier at negotiated price, on a recurring basis during a specific period of time.




First, we have to configure these option by activating the Purchase Agreements feature by moving on to Purchases Configuration Settings and activate the Purchase Agreements feature.




Creating a Blanket Order


Move on to Purchase Orders Purchase Agreements


On that, you have to select Create option to create new purchase agreement. Once you click on create button, you can see a window like above.




From that window, you have to select Blanket Order under the section Agreement Type from the drop-down menu. After that, select the vendor that you need and add products by clicking on add a line. From that you can select the products that you want to add. Assign the agreement deadline, ordering date, and delivery date.





After verifying all details, click on confirm to confirm the agreement. Then you can see that status will change from draft to ongoing.


Requesting For Quotation


Here, you can see the button New Quotation, click on it , then you will see all the details are available on it, you just need to add the quantity to be ordered. You can also specify the amount of taxes applied for the product under the taxes. Hence the whole amount will be calculated in the quotation. The quotation will now in the RFQ (Request For Quotation) state. Save the quotation and confirm it after verifying all details.




Go back to the blanket order and you can see the quantity of product that you have ordered. Also you can see the product details by clicking on it from that blanket. And you can also see all the vendors under the purchase tab and the linked agreement along with that.





And you can close that purchase agreement at anytime by clicking on close by selecting the agreement that to be closed. Then the status will change from ongoing to closed.






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