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Add vendors for a product


If you want to buy a product from multiple vendors, Odoo allows to link them to a single product.

Go to Purchase ‣ Products. Select a product from Product list, and add vendors in the Purchase Tab. You can also create new vendors if you do not have existing. If a product is purchased for the first time from a new vendor, Odoo automatically links the price and contact the vendor with the product.




Price, quantity and validity period


When a vendor is added to a product, you can add the details of product name, product code, minimal quantity, price and also validity period.




Import vendors Pricelists


In every businesses, pricelists are the backbone to run a business profitably. The pricelists also helps to stay up to date on prices. To import a Pricelist,

Go to Purchase  ‣ Configuration ‣ Vendor Pricelists

Select Import and Click on Load file.

After loading your file, check whether everything is correct and then click on import.









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