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In everyday business, suppliers may use different unit of measures other than sales, which causes a confusion between the purchase representative and sales. A lot of time is consumed in converting measures. In Odoo, different unit of measures can be handled easily.


Enable the Unit of Measures option


Step1: Inventory ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings Units of Measure in Products.




Specify sales and purchase unit of measures


Standard units of measures.


It is necessary to share same category of units of measures between sales and purchase. The categories are Unit, weight, working time, volume etc. If the unit of measure is not standard in Odoo, you can create your own category and unit of measure.

To create a product


Step2: Purchase Products.


In General Information tab, we have the option to select Unit of measure and Purchase Unit of Measure.

For example, lets create for Bottle Juice. So lets choose Liters for Unit of Measure and Gallons for Purchase Unit of Measure.




Create your own unit of measure


Let us take an example to explain this. You buy carpets from a supplier. The supplier sold you in unit roll and you plan to sell the carpets in unit square meters.

The two measures and different categories. Different category measures cannot be related. So a shared Measure Category need to be created, and both units will have a conversion relationship.

In Sales module, go to Configuration  Products  Unit of Measure. You can create a new unit of Measure Category from dropdown list.



Here the new category will be Inter-Category-Computation. Then create Rolls and Square meter units of measure and link to new category.


Step3: Purchase Configuration ‣ Products ‣ Units of Measure.


Create new units:

  • The unit Roll is given in Unit of Measure and the category is Inter-Computation-Category. Reference unit type means measures will be converted depending on reference unit measure. (eg: 1 roll = 10 square meters)



  • The unit Square meter is selected and reference measure we will give as 1 Roll = 10 Square meter. So square meter has bigger reference unit.



Now, let us create product carpet using these unit of measure. Go to Product form.





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