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Here we are going to create a request for quotation on purchase module. So for creating a new quotation click on the create button. After clicking on that you will be taken to the quotation creation page. There you can see so many fields like vendor name, order date, add products etc.



so provide the details there and click on save.

After saving that you can send this quotation to your vendor by mail or you can print the quotation. For sending as a mail click on “send by email” and it will pops up mail body where your quotation is automatically attached to it and a brief content should be added to your email body. And simply by clicking the send button your mail will be sent.



Then you can see the RFQ status has been moved to RFQ SENT. So once your vendor has replied with an offer you can update the RFQ by clicking edit the details.

Finally after editing you can confirm your order by clicking on the confirm order  button and the status will change to purchase order. And on the upper right corner a shipment receipt is shown.


Control your bills

Bill controls helps you to choose if the vendor sends you the bill after or before you receive the products. So to enable this feature go to the purchase configuration there click on settings.

Here under the invoicing a option called bill control helps you to enable this feature.

By default it would be Received quantities.


So if you change that to ordered quantities you will be provided the bill based on the ordered quantity else provided by the received quantity.

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