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Emails are a standard way to transfer and receive messages between companies and customers. Quality responses and queries can be transmitted to a company via emails. It is not always easy to quickly change the structure of an email that you normally use. This is where we use email templates. With email templates we do not have to completely change an email structure. This saves time for the company and allows them to convey messages in the right way and understand things in a way that any audience can understand. Here we can understand how to use email templates and how to create a new template, first we need to go to Settings.



After that we must go to developer tools and then by click on the “Activate Developer Mode” option .



Then move on Technical and click on Templates Here,



Here we need to add a new template by clicking on Create. After that a new template will open. For example here it is a template for an application of job. So, we need to configure the section by clicking on Email Configuration. Then we must enter the mandatory fields like From and To, if we are not setting this portion of form, it will be taken as a pseudonym (false name) of author’s email.



Under the advanced settings option, if an outgoing mail server is not set, the one with the highest priority is used. In this image the Auto Delete is enabled, which will help us to delete the data permanently after which is sent and also help to maintain free space in your database.



For the configuring dynamic placeholder, we need to click on the Dynamic Placeholder Generator option



Activate the application to the a applicant and fill the fields as name of applicant and name of placeholder. Then click on the Preview tab to get the mail before sending and shows the email body as we entered.



So this is how do we create a new template and to use it simply.


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