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How to set chatter notification preferences. So to do the communication between users easier, Odoo introduces a module called discuss. In the discuss module we are able to set notification preference. So here let’s see how to set chatter notification preferences. First open discuss module and click on the profile on the top right of discuss module and a list will get opened and click on the preferences.



By default, you can see that notification is set as “Handle by emails” so change that to “Handle in Odoo” so you will get all the notifications directly to discuss inbox itself.



So to send a message click on the send message and type the user name following a “@” symbol.

And save that. Go back to discuss module and there is also an option that you can do in the chatter box. Go to any module here we are going with sales module and open a quotation and go back to the end of quotation and you can see the chatter box. There you are able to send message, log message and schedule activity.

And to log a message click on log and enter name following the “@” symbol and log.



You can also schedule activity by clicking the schedule activity and give the activity type and schedule a date and assign a member to that activity and click Ok.



Then in the chatter box you can see all the tasks and activities that we have assigned.



This is how we can set the chatter notification preference and send messages, logs, and schedule an activity in the chatter box.

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