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Let us see how to start a chat using discuss module in Odoo. Discuss module is integrated with every module in Odoo. And to create a chat, first open discuss module. There you can see an inbox window will open. So to start a conversation we need users. And we can make a conversation directly to a person, or we can create groups to make discussion with the other users.



So now let us see how to make group or channel to start conversations. You can find channels in discuss module and click on the plus symbol and start creating the channel by giving the channel a name.

After giving the channel name click on the settings symbol on channel name and click on Edit.



Here you can enable the option send message by email, so the message will be sending to internal Odoo discuss app and also to the email id of the user. Then you can set the privacy, here in the privacy you can see a option “who can follow the group activities” there you can select any three options listed. The “everyone” will give permission to all user to access it, and “invited people only” will let you to access a set of people you invited to subscribe the channel and the last option “selected group of users”  will let only members of a particular group. And you can make users automatically gets subscribed to the channel by providing the group name in “auto subscribe group” field. And also you can add subscribers by department wise also in “auto subscribe department” field.



By setting the privacy you can see the members automatically gets added to the channel and listed below the member option.



Save that channel after the editing. Now go back to the discuss module you can see your channel is ready to chat. And if you type any message it will be delivered to the all users who subscribed to that channel.



And you can also chat direct to a particular employee or any user by the “direct messages” option. Click on the plus sign and give the employee or user name, and you will be directed to that particular user and starts chatting.



You can also star the message to refer it later by clicking on the star symbol.



You can also view the chat history in the history section.



And on the top bar of discuss module you can see a chat symbol where you can see the chat notifications.



This is how you can start a chat or conversation in discuss module in Odoo.

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