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For delivery and invoicing in an Odoo Sales, we can use different addresses. There are many advantages for this purposes. It helps some customers to launch specific billing and shipping addresses. Another vital thing to remember is that invoicing location of everyone is not same as the delivery location.

Step1: Go to Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings activate the
Customer Addresses feature.



Step2: Add addresses from a quotation

Go to Sales ‣ Orders ‣ Quotations ‣ Create
While creating a quotation, our primary function is to adding a customer. The peculiarity of this customer be a company or a person, who is registered in the system or a new customer with specific billing and shipping addresses already defined. For this purpose, you have to create and edit the contact form and link for your new customer, if applicable to a company. In this contact form, invoice and delivery addresses should be add, delete and modify.



Step3: Add addresses from a contact form

Already we have discussed about the contact form of customers that can be filled straightly from a quotation or a sales order to add billing and shipping addresses. Before creating a quotation, if you visit Sales ‣ Orders ‣ Customers ‣ Create ‣ Add contact form there every customer you need should be add, delete or modify invoice and delivery addresses.



Step3: Deal with different addresses
Go to Sales ‣ Orders ‣ Customers and create a new customer. Other important address is contact and addresses tab, there you can enter billing and shipping addresses along with your company informations.



You can create a new quotation in your sales dashboard. The advantage of this creation formulates the information previously saved for billing and shipping addresses be filled by the new customer who you have entered.


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