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Odoo can manage several sales teams or channels. For that, we can use the concept of sales channels.

Creating new sales channel
To create a new sales channel, under Configuration> Sales Teams.
Here we can see a form with sales channel. Fill the form with the required data.



Adding members to sales channel
We can add members to the channel, these members will see the structure of the sales channel while opening it. Any opportunity assigned to members will lead to the sales channel.



If we use filters on any channel, it will find all the opportunities or leads.



How to manage and create lost opportunities and lost reasons

Opportunities may have some loses. We want to keep track of reasons for lost opportunities.

Create and manage lost reasons
We can see an option under the Configuration ‣ Lost Reasons.
We can create and select any of the listed reasons from there.


Mark a lead as lost
From the pipeline, select any  opportunity ,while opening  you will see a Mark Lost button.
We can select any existing reason that we have created already.


Retrieve lost opportunities
To retrieve opportunities, we need to select the Lost filter in the search bar.



Then we can see all the lost opportunities there.
If you want to refine them, you can add a filter on the Lost Reason.

Restore lost opportunities
 We can restore the lost opportunities  it by clicking actions as archived.


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