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How to export data from Odoo.



The above figure shows the different applications in the Odoo. By scrolling down we can see settings, go to that settings. By clicking on it, we will get the following window.



In the above window, we can see different sections such as, Users, Companies, Languages, etc. So here, we are explaining how data are exporting in the User section of Odoo. By clicking on Manage Users on the Users section we will get the following window.



Here we can export the whole data at the same time, by clicking the Export symbol next to the import button in the top left corner. Also, we can export the data Individually by clicking on the data.

which we want to export. That is, if I want to export 1st user’s data, select the 1st user, then click on the Action button on the top, which is a drop down list, and after that click the Export option as shown below.



Once we click on the export button we can see a new window as shown below,



By enabling the checkbox “I want to update the data” then the exporting will be much easier. We can also select the export format here, there are two formats, that are XLSX and CSV. After selecting the format click on the EXPORT button in the bottom left corner to export the data. This is how we can export the data in Odoo.

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