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Planning activities will always helps you to minimize the risk of variability or inconstancy in your works.

Managing sales Flow

Odoo can improve conversion rate of initiatives to CRM module through some stages. The Create, move and delete stages of Sales flow. 



Create activities for opportunities

Odoo  allows you to create activities. While opening any opportunity. At the bottom of chatter you can see option to schedule activities.



Several activities can be planned, such as sending email, making a call, or a meeting with the customer etc. We can select the activity that we need and can schedule the activity in Odoo.



Assigning due date

Odoo creates a record that is visible to the user and this record is shown in the communication area reserved for the activities.


Schedule activity of meeting

The main feature of this tool is planning meeting . By creating these type of activities you can create a meeting record in the calendar module



When scheduling a meeting, you can add the summary of it and continue with assignment date by clicking on the “Open Calender” option. After redirecting in to the Calendar module, you will see the availability of the person who is assigned to the initiative. You can Select a date and time range, a form will open so that we can schedule the meeting there.



Monitoring of Activities

When an activity is created, it will remain on top of chatter. From this chatter,we can see options like mark as done, edit, or cancel the activity.

If an activity is marked as done, we can add comments and plan the next activity. We can also cancel or edit the activities.

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