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Creating an Invoice
An invoice is to be created when the order for the sales is confirmed.

 Invoice what is ordered: Invoice as soon as the sales order is confirmed.
 Invoice what is delivered: Invoice when the delivery is completed.

We have 3 options to create an invoice.

1. Regular invoice
2. Down Payment (Percentage)
3. Down Payment (Fixed Amount)



Request a down payment
A down payment is done in the initial stage of a purchase. It can be fraction ofthe total cost of the purchase or a fixed amount which depends on the purchase.



The down payment details can be seen in the invoice.



Here we can post the invoice, and then register the payment of our customer.



Here we can see;
 Customer Preview button: To view the order as a customer.
 Invoice button: To look back the previous draft invoice.

This is how we complete the down payment.


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